10 Ways to Maintain Happy and Healthy Relationship

How to Manage your Marriage

To be in relationship is not an easy task, but trust me, healthy couples know the best way to take the ups and downs; how to calm the storm.

If you are facing one issue or the other in your relationship or you are planning of going into relationship this is the best time to learn from the experts, by using these ten ways in keeping your relationship happy and healthy.

You have heard people saying relationship “takes work,” but what exactly does this mean?

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Seriously, this sounds like drudgery.  You can’t imagine spending hours at office from morning to night and come back home with loads of job to start the second job. Your relationship should be a source of comfort, happy, pleasure and fun. Is supposed to be enjoy not endure.

When the understanding is lacking in your home there won’t be peace, instead of enjoying your home will turn to something you will keep on enduring. Argument, fighting etc, will be your second work when getting home from work.

If arguing is your number one way of communication, or if you feel that you are seriously in need of healthy relationship then take just few minutes to read this short article.


The important part of all relationships is Good communication. This is an essential part of healthy relationship. Even though all relationships have ups and downs, no relationship is 100% perfect, but the fact is; a great communication style will make it easier to deal with conflict and build a stronger and healthier love relationship. 

We always hear how important communication is, communication style is more important than commitment, but not what it is and how to use great communication to build a perfect relationship.

Partner Communicate


Show daily affection.

Do you know that just being loved is not enough to build good relationship? you need to show that love. You don’t know those Physical affection like hugging, holding hands and kissing will surly helps in releasing stress, improves mood, as this is associated with higher relationship satisfaction.

Your love needs to be renewed every day, if you take it for granted and don’t take the time to express it daily, you can lose it and will even take time to get it back or you lose it forever. So be a better partner and start showing affection to your partner as frequent as you can.

Daily Affection Between Two Lover

Share Your Thoughts

What could make the husband or wife be keeping something to her husband? There has been series of cases that wife will be building house and she will not tell her husband, likewise husband. Your fear, your hopes, and your passions let your partner know who you really are.  

Talk to each other daily, share your encounter when you go out and let him/her know what happened in your office. Talk about important thing each day. This is a very crucial step in making your relationship healthy and stronger.

Share your Thought with Your Husband

Go on Vacation

You have been busy working, is time to spend time together, is time to go on vacation. You don’t necessarily need to go outside the country before you show love to your wife.

Some men are too workaholic that they even find it difficult to spend little time with their wife, they even prefer to spend that time with their friends talking about something that is not necessary.

Spend time with your wife, take her out. Go on vacation, she deserved more than just house talks and weekend gist.

Take Your Wife to Vacation

Buy Him/Her Gift

Well… they said love is not about money but money make money sweet very well. You don’t need to have millions in your account before you buy your partner gift. Some partner will not ask for this especially men. Not asking doesn’t mean they will not appreciate if you give them.

I even heard that some ladies will say is the responsibility of men to give and is not the work of women to buy gift for the men. A Big Lie! You can change your partner’s boxers if that is all you can afford  

Men, shop for your wife, you don’t expect her to be asking before you know your right. She will appreciate if you give her before she asks, in fact she will not be asking you if you know the right time to give her what she needs. Study her very well as this will make you know when she needs something and what she needs

Buy Your Partner Gift

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This is one of the Top secrets of healthy relationship. When you learn to appreciate you will receive more. Failure to appreciate in little thing will hinder you for getting the big gift that is on the way.

No matter what you do some people will never appreciate you. Am not surprise because some people did not appreciate Jesus for all He has done for the human being. He died for us to have live. So, people like that will find it difficult to appreciate whatever gift you give them.

Both men and women need this information very well. Appreciation is very important in building health relationship. Whatever your husband give you learn to appreciate to get more, whatever your wife give you make sure you appreciate every time for her to do more.

There is nothing wrong in appreciating your wife for taking care of your home, taking care of your children, cooking for you. This appreciation includes walking her up to in the kitchen and appreciate her work there, if possible, help her to wash plate and appreciate her food when or after eaten.

Satisfy Your Partner with Sex

This is the number one thing that destroy relationship. Making love every time removes the anxiety which some couples feel when it comes time to “perform.

Talking about sex, am not talking to unmarried people here. Sex is met to be perform in marriage. Is not a sin to have sex as married couple but is not right for unmarried couple’s to have sex

Do you know that sex itself will improve sleep, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and this also prevent prostate cancer! According to the research, couples who have sex every single day, claiming that sex not only strengthens their relationship, but all improves their health.

Don’t allow your job to disturb your sex life, stop complain every time that you are stress off in the office and because of that you will not satisfy your wife. Have time for each other as sex alone can break your home totally.

Have Sex With Your Partner

Never go to Bed Angry

Resolve and settle every issue before you go to bed. Going to bed in the night is like traveling to unknown place with unknown car, you can land anywhere before the day break.

I heard of a man traveled all the way from Lagos to Abuja to resolve a long-time issue with his wife. They both agreed and forgive each other that same day. They slept on the same bed, make love that same night. The following morning the husband departed from this world.

So, you don’t know where you will end your journey when going to bed to sleep, this is the reason why you need to resolve every issue between you before going to bed. If you die before in the process you will end up in hell fire if you die before morning.

If your husband offends you call him and let him know what he has done wrong. A responsible man will apologize. If your wife do something wrong call her attention to it, a humble wife, trained from good home will bed her husband and everything will be resolve.

Be Patient

Failure to apply patient enough will cause problem in your home. There are many home breakers out there who are looking for a home to break, make sure you don’t allow them in your home.

There is something you will hear about your husband that you will need to be patient before taking action. You don’t react on every situation, sometimes is better to be quiet, not say anything just for you to get some fact.

Have Funs Together

This includes eating together, laughing, go on a walk, do walk out in the morning, take a scroll in the street, buy ice cream and have nice time together. All these will keep your marriage.

There is nothing wrong in holding your wife’s hand when taking a scroll. Kiss each other in public, show love, eat in the same plate. All these are the ingredient of a good and healthy relationship.

Have Funs With Your Partner

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If you understand your partner very well you will have great relationship. Marriage is met to be enjoy not to be endure. What makes good marriage and bad marriage is understanding.

If you understand your partner very well and you work together to make the relationship work very well you will enjoy your marriage and lives together for years

I hope I have gotten your attention with this list and I hope applying these will help your marriage? Please, feel free to add your own and if you have any question, make use of the comment box below and let us know how we can help each other.  

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