He Proposed But! Episode 1

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Our First Encounter

It all started in Dec. 19th 2011, the most regretting day of my life, because it is the day that I made the biggest mistake in my life which caused silent crying for me and I don’t know when this cry will end.

I met Tosin on 21 March 2009 at one of the single’s retreat In Lagos. I was in the hall, sitting down studying my bible when a guy walks unto to me, sitting down in front of me smiling.

Well… I was not move with his fake smile because I had bad relationship experience recently and that was even the main reason why I came for the retreat in the first place, just to forget the past. So, his smile doesn’t have any meaning to me.

But because I don’t want that action to show on my face, I have to change my mood quickly and smiles back as I don’t want him stay too long with me. He stretches his hand,

Why Love Blind

“My name is John, he said… And I accept his hand,

“My name is Funmilayo…..

“Wow… Your name really says much about you. I know an angel like you will have lovely name. Hope you will give me Joy?

I quickly changed my looks.

“What do you mean? Give you joy? Am not God who gives joy.

“That is not what I mean….. John said after like 20 seconds laugh.

“Yes… It may sounds funny but the truth is; only God gives joy!(If only he knows what is going on through my mind he won’t be saying all this nonsense and still be smiling……

He continued.

“Well… Let me do proper introduction here….”

 As he was about talking Joy walks into the scene.

“Wow…. Who is this am seeing… John! So you are here since yesterday and I didn’t even see you……”

“So is true? Yesterday when we were at the registration point, I saw someone who looks like you and I was thinking if you were the one or not. I tried to come and approach you but my coordinator called me and before I came back I can’t see you again. I concluded that you are not the one. So, what are you doing here…….?” Joy smile…

“I should be the one asking you that question because the last time I checked am still single…..”

“Then, who says am married?” John replied her….

“Are you serious? What are you doing that you are not married yet at this age; do you want my children to be calling you brother?”

 They both smiles while John replied……..

“See who is talking here……”

“But wait ooooo… you guys knows each other?”

Joy asked…..


I quickly answered her;

“He is just here to disturb my thinking….”

 John interrupted…..

“Did you just said disturb? Don’t mind her, am just passing by and I decide to say Hi to her….”

“Okay…… thank you for saying Hi, can you now leave?”

I said that and facing the book am reading without even looking at his face.

“Alright…. let me leave you, is like something is bothering your mind and I don’t want to add to it…..”

Joy Replied with a smile…..

“Let’s go jo… we have a lot to discuss don’t mind Funmi…”

I didn’t even look at them I just face the book am reading and use style watching them as they were going.

After like 2 minutes Joy came back and he was trying to talk to me about John but I quickly change the topic to another thing.

To be Continue…………..

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