He Proposed But! Episode 2

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Communication Begins

4 days after we left the retreat, I received a call from a strange number and I was surprised to hear the name of the caller.

“Hello pretty babe. John speaking, you remember?”

 It took me some seconds to remember and I quickly replied….

“How did you get my number; I mean who gave you my number?”

“Am very sorry to disturb you, I totally forgot to collect your number before we departed that day and my mind has been disturbing me ever since then. I now called Joy this afternoon because we were able to exchange our number that day and I begged her to give me your number. Please, if am trespassing am very sorry……”

“It’s okay! But Joy should have called me before given out my number. What if am not interested in speaking with you? Anyway! How may I help you John….”

“You should at least greet me for the first time am talking to you on phone. And I will appreciate your smile if you are not angry with me.”

I wanted to cut the call immediately but as a Christian sister I don’t want it to sound rude and it may look like I have pride. Then I replied him

“Look John, I cannot give you smile now because am not in the mood for that maybe next time. Can I go?”

“I understand. No problem. But one more thing Funmi”

“What is it again….? Am doing something very important nau

““Can I call you tomorrow around 8pm so that we can talk very well?

“Okay….. No problem. Bye

African Girl Calling

“Thanks so much, bye for now…….

He replied with a smile

“What is this guy’s problem? You think you can buy me with your smile, never! Am more than that and I will never dance to your tunes.”

The following day I came home from church around 9pm because that day was our Bible study and I checked my phone and saw 3 missed calls from John. This guy really fulfilled his promise; he called me at exactly 8pm. Then I decide not to call him back because I don’t even have anything to do with him in the first place. He didn’t even allow me to drop my phone when he called me back.

“Hello beautiful queen, have been calling your number you are not picking, hope all is well….?”

John speaking

“Am very fine! I went to church and am just coming back”

“Hoooo…. Hope you prayed for me?”

“Pray for you, for what? How do I present your case before God and who will I tell him you are to me ooooga….?”

“Haaaaa. Am your friend. Or don’t you like us to be friends……?

John said

“Am not anybody’s enemy! So, what do you have to say because I need to prepare dinner?”

“Well…. I will like us to hangout because I have something very important to discuss with you”

“That cannot be discuss on phone…?”

I quickly cut in just to discourage him but is like he doesn’t take no for answer.

“It can’t be as sweet as talking to you face to face, seeing your beautiful face smiling when talking is the best…..”  He said

“John….. If that is what you are waiting for, I don’t think it will ever happen. Please, allow me to go and make the dinner for my family, we talk later.

“Okay Funmilayo…. Thanks for your time. Bye…..”

He end the call….

“Rubbish…… You think I have time for you? I don’t have time Ooo because am a busy carrier lady and I don’t play with my time.

That night I was deep in thought, thinking about the way I treated John. Am not a bad person, is my last relationship that changed me to a different person and I want to make sure I don’t fall into the hand of wrong person this time around.

Am not thinking because I have feelings for John, far from it! Am thinking because I knew the way am treating him is not right. A thought of calling him and beg him came to my mind but immediately I rejected the thought. Why will I do such a thing? He will be thinking that I`m falling for him and it will not look right.

Although I was not in any relationship then, I was ripe for marriage. I was willing to share my time with a responsible man at that time but I just needed to make things right and I didn’t want it to look like am one kind hungry love seeker, in order not to fall into wrong hand.

I was expecting John to call me the following day, he didn’t call, two days later no call, 5 days no call. Hoooooo… my God, hope have not used my attitude to chase him away? I was talking to myself.

What will he be thinking about me now…. Maybe I should call him just to say hi….. I planned to call him in the evening when I reach home.

I was on my way home when I saw his text message read: “Hello Funmilayo, how are you doing. I was in the hospital since 3days ago, I had an accident on my way from work but am fine now that is why you didn’t see my call. Hope you are fine” I shouted


To be Continue…………

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