He Proposed But! Episode 3

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I called him immediately to ask for the address which he gave me and I went there the following day to check him. As I was entering the room, they were parking already and he was happy to see me. Even his mother was more than happy and she greeted me as if we had known each other for years.

“That is the lady I told you about……” John telling his mother about me

“Hoooooo… omo dada (Good child) John told me a lot about you. How are you doing…….” His mother asked

“Am fine Ma thanks so much Ma.”

We left the hospital that day; I had no choice but to follow them to their house, on our way different questions was running through my mind; how can you follow people you don’t know to their house, what if something happens to you?

Why did John tell his mother about me and what does he know about me that he is telling his mother………? All those questions kept bombarding my head and I wish someone could answer me. Well…… I can’t wait to get to their house and ask John myself.

Wow…. we finally arrived the place and it was a mighty house in Ikoyi….. Every woman love good thing. We entered the house, everything was on point. Is like this guy parent are rich, I was telling myself. His mother was chatting with me as if am one of their family member.

She took me to the kitchen together with her to prepare food while we all eat together at the dinning thank God that day was Saturday. I couldn’t ask John much question because I was always with his mother; his mother collected my number before I left that place that day.

When I was leaving, John gave me 10k for transport, I don’t want to collect it but he forced it on me. It was when I got home that I counted the money I noticed is 10k, wow….. 10k. this is interesting. My salary is 25k monthly and someone gave me 10k without any work. I don’t think I ever received up to 10k from Sunday during our 3 years relationship that he was even cheating on me… well…….

I called him when I got home to appreciate him and I called his mother also. She was happy and ask when they should be expecting me, I told her very soon so that I will not spoil her mood…..

The following day, I called John to appreciate him for what he did yesterday and to ask about his health.

“I was surprised to see you yesterday……” John said.

“Thank God you save me from my mother stress yesterday because I knew she would have talk to me when we got home yesterday about marriage. But you really showed up the best time I needed you most. How I wish you and I can get married………”

I was speechless for a while, and then I said

“Who did you say I am to you to your mother?”

“I told her you’re my fiancée just for him not to disturb me again….”

“Jesus…… John, do you know you lied to the poor woman?

“Yes! And I have asked God to forgive me. But, we can still get married after all you are not in any relationship now……

I was sucked to hear that from John…. Who could have told him that am not in relationship? That will be Joy and am going to deal with this girl….

“Who told you am not in any relationship….? You better don’t deceived yourself and look elsewhere for your own wife because this Funmilayo you are seeing here is getting married soon”

“He laughs……. Do you know that I had conviction about you before I called you?” John said……

“Look….. I just want to check on you and to thank you for yesterday. I need to prepare for church. Bye……”  

“Before you go….. Please, can I call you in the evening so that we can talk very well……? John asked me…

“I don’t know for now because I will come home late.”

“But you should be home by 8pm?


“Okay, I will call you around 9pm. Thank you so much dear……”

“Thank you too. Bye, bye…..”

Love in the Ocean

 I end the call and I have to prepare for church because I must not late for the workers meeting.

Its’ seem the pastor knows what I was passing through that day because the topic of his preaching that day was: “Past Keeps you in Bondage” I was actually alone and don’t want to have anything to do with man because of what I experience in relationship. Definitely, the Holy Spirit was using pastor to talk to me. I got home that day, thinking about the points that Pastor listed when he was preaching and the consequences of living in the past.

All what the pastor said was true and is not new to me. But, seriously, I don’t have any feeling for John. Though he has money, have not even asked him if he made the money himself or his parent are rich. I checked my time is already 8:50pm and John promised to call by 9pm.

I entered bathroom to take my bath before I will land on bed because our discussion may last today…… I thought within myself, as I was lying down on my bed my phone rang. Am 100% sure that is John before I picked it.

“Hello beautiful Queen……….”

 John talking on phone, it seems he is very happy today

“Hi John……

“What happened to you, you sound somehow….?” John quickly said

“Nothing am fine…

“Are you sure……?”

“Very sure……

You can’t expect me to start telling him what am currently passing though now!

“Okay then. How was the service today………” John replied….

“It was fine…. John, there is something I want to ask you.”

“Who are you and what do you want from me?”

“Am John Olaoluwa from Ilesha in Osun state. I graduated from University Ilorin 6 years ago as a Civil Engineering and I was lucky to get employed 6months later. Though it was not easy when I was in school because my father dead before I finished secondary school and my mummy business was not bringing good money, but God really make a way for me within 1 year and here I am today…..

“So, is not that your parent is rich……?”

“No ooooo. The house am leaving is been paying for by my employer it was given to me from the office.”

 John replied……

“Okay…. So, what do you want from me now?

“TLC…….” John replied………

“TLC! What is the meaning?

“Tender Loving Care……….” Seriously I have strong conviction about you before I called you and I was happy to hear from Joy that you are not in relationship when I asked her….” John said…

“Seriously John…. I don’t feel anything, I don’t have the same feeling you are having for me and I don’t think this can work out…….

“Is because you have not sat down to think about it. You have to open your mind, sometimes you have to do what you dislike to create what you desire… so, you need to find time to think about it and you can as well pray about it…….”

“That reminds me…. Are you a born-again Christian?  I asked….

“Of course, I am! Am even a worker in my Church. I attend RCCG and what about you?

“Am a choir in my church and I attend RCCG too”

“Wow…… interesting! Can you see God is really involved in this relationship?”

He was very excited….

Well…. John, we just need to pray more, if God want us together it will happen but am not sure if it will happen neither will I tell you that it will not because am not God.”

“Okay. I understand you. Thank you very much for your time. I really had good time talking to you today and I hope it would be forever like that.”  John said….

“Thanks. Only God can decide that. Take care and my regards to your mummy.”

“I will. Bye……”

 I ended the call. I had to sleep early in order to wake up on time for work the following morning.

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