Causes of Premature Ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation can be a frustrating and embarrassing problem for any man and statistically most will face it to some extent during their lifetime.

Despite the frequency of premature ejaculation, there really isn’t a cause that can be singled out as the sole cause.  Go here and learn how to last longer in bed. This is the biological cause

Various psychological factors play a role in most cases however, and some causes having hormonal or physical origins. It appears that countless cases of premature ejaculation have, at least in part, a link to a psychological influence. 

Early sexual experiences can have a huge impact on how a man handles his arousal. These first sexual experiences usually take place during adolescents, when intercourse needed to be rushed for fear of getting caught.

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This can actually condition the male to climax as soon as possible whenever he is having sex later in life. Also, feelings of guilt or anxiety can inhibit a man’s ability to control his ejaculation. Most feelings of anxiety are associated with a fear of being unable to perform.

Often times, the excitement is simply too much too handle, usually because the person is not use to such a high level of excitement. Is time to last longer in bed by following this steps

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There are also situations where men who have suffered from erectile dysfunction have a fear of being unable to obtain or keep an erection so they rush through intercourse before it is lost. Over time this will hardwire the brain to ejaculate as soon as possible during intercourse, even when the fear of erectile dysfunction isn’t present.

There have even been situations where a man who has experienced no or infrequent premature ejaculation will begin to show symptoms when he is having interpersonal problems with his current partner.

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While somewhat less frequent (but still common, even if only to a small extent), there are several biological factors that have played a part in some cases of premature ejaculation.

This could include abnormal levels of hormones or neurotransmitters in the brain. Certain thyroid problems or inherited traits could also be a factor. There have been rare cases of PE resulting from some sort of neurological damage from a surgery or trauma or from withdrawals from narcotics.

Biological causes seem to be more frequent in cases where premature ejaculation has been a lifelong problem. While premature ejaculation can affect men of any age, it seems to be most common in younger men. Occurrences of premature ejaculation also can vary depending on the situation itself. Se how many man are using this method to last longer in bed

A new sexual partner for example, or a specific sexual situation could increase its frequency. There is also a correlation between the length of time since the man last engaged in intercourse and his inability to control his arousal and ejaculation.

Regardless of what the cause of premature ejaculation is, there are effective solutions available to combat the problem. Premature Ejaculation is over today

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