He Proposed But! Episode 5

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Something Happened

I was coming from the shop one day when the fuel finished from the danfo that I entered and everyone has to look for another bus to enter. I was beside the road stranded when an Avalon Toyota car passed me by and reversed back.

Someone roll the glass down; you can’t believe who I saw. Shola was right there smiling at me. I shouted shola………. He came out of the car and hugs me. Hooooo my God, for over 5 years no one has ever hug me like this.

Shola did this because he was happy to see me again not because he was lust at me. He asked where I was going and I told him my house. We talked a lot and I saw a ring in his hand.

I was happy for him but I was crying silently. I asked about his wife, he was happy to tell me about her, he even showed me her pictures and their 2years old kid.

He gave me his card with some change and they dropped me at the junction to my house.

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The following morning, I called him to thank him for the lift and the money he gave me. He was happy to hear my voice on the phone and he gave the phone to his wife to speak with me.

So, Shola told his wife everything about me? I can’t believe this. My husband has never come home to tell me what happen to him and Shola can tell his wife about his crush within 6hours.

I called him after like 4 days. I said I will like to visit him that there is something very important I want to tell him privately and he said I should come to his house that his wife will be traveling that morning. He gave me the address I went there.

My eye saw something, I opened my mouth I could not close it. Come and see mighty building where Shola and his family were living. I asked if they rented the place but I was surprised more on the answer he gave me.

“This is my second house. I bought it 6 months ago.”

“Did you just say bought?” I asked because I knew that the house cannot worth less than 60millions.

“Where did you find the money?” He responded…..

“After 2 weeks that we departed, I was introduced to a company to market for them and they saw good result, they now introduced me to another company in California that was how the money started coming.”

I was crying. I begged him and I told him what happened, I told him what I was hiding about my relationship then.

So, Shola knows everything about my relationship! I can’t believe this. He said God convinced him about me that was the reason why he came to me. He said he knows the guy I was in relationship with but he can see that we don’t love each other but he could not force me.

He said God told him that He will provide a better option and God did. He told me everything, how he met his wife 7months after our departure, how they did their wedding, how he told his wife about me and everything. I was crying seriously and his wife walks into the sitting room.

“Haaaaa…. But you said your wife traveled?” I asked.

“Yes, because I knew you will not come if I tell you she is around and I can’t keep anything for my wife. Even if she is not here, I will still tell her besides is wrong for you to come and meet me home when my wife is not around. Though I knew you very well before but I don’t know much about you now. Am sorry if I disappointed you……!”

His wife gave me handkerchief to clean my face and she hugs me. She was also crying seriously. I told them the problem am facing and they really pity me. Since that day, Shola has been helpful, he gave me money to invest in my business and we became family friends.

It took my husband’s months before he could believe that I and Shola are not having anything together. I admired Shola’s family even till now despite that my spiritual life has increased than before. There is nothing good like happy home oooo.

Initially I don’t want to marry because of one stupid love when I was still single that all I need from a man is children. You won’t believe it that after many years in marriage we are still begging God for a child.

Now! I understand that Love is very important in marriage; I understand that God should be involved in marriage; I understand that money has nothing to do with happy home; I understand that a man of Vision is better than a man of television. Shola is a man of vision but because of what John have then I failed to marry Shola.

“He proposed but” I failed to marry him because of his financial status then……

How He Proposed to Me

When the poverty got to some level in our life before I met Shola, my pastor told me that I have married wrongly that our star is not working together that it will take the grace of God and series of prayer for that marriage to work.

So, all my feeling then was real? God was given me a sign that I ignored totally back then. How I wish I can turn down the hand of clock, how I wish I can be single again.

In Conclusion


That is the story of my life. I hope you have learned a lot? 
Am not writing this story to heal my wounded heart, am writing it to advise young ladies who think money is everything.

When you notice that love is lacking in your relationship please, don’t go ahead, don’t say because he has been helpful please…….

And you need to involve God in your relationship before you say yes I do. That decision is critical. Don’t be like me.

And please, help me in prayer maybe one day God will make everything perfect. Though have disobeyed God but have been asking for forgiveness and I know He will forgive me.

Please, share this story; let people who are or want to fall into the same problem change their way before it’s too late.

I believed God will answer my prayer one day and I will share the good news with you in future.


“Watch Out For “He Proposed But!” Part Two”

A True Life Story

Written By Oluwafemi Ezekiel

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